Patio Furniture Covers

Custom Covers specialise in the manufacture of patio furniture covers that are waterproof and UV stabalized to protect and preserve your precious assets against - sun, wind, rain, dust and pets.

The benefits of covering your couches, table & chairs, sun loungers and daybeds is that you do not have to take your cushions off and store them somewhere else. All of our materials are waterproof and so will keep your cushions dry. No need to carry cushions in and out every time you want to use your furniture. Now you can whip off your patio furniture covers and relax. There is also no need to wipe down all your furniture every time it rains as it will be kept dry and so ready to use instantly.

If your pets are causing damage or leaving a bad odour on your furniture our patio furniture covers will prevent their hair and muddy feet from dirtying your furniture. Worried about your pets sneaking under the covers? We have a solution for that too, a drawstring can be added to the bottom of your patio furniture covers to prevent them from sneaking onto your furniture.


Having patio furniture covers from the get go substantially lengthens the life of your patio furniture. 


If you have ordered new outdoor patio or garden furniture we can go to the manufacturer to measure up and deliver your covers the same day your furniture arrives to ensure the best care possible right from the beginning.

We offer a range of materials for different protection needs:

Polyweave – Waterproof

Ideal for protecting items from dust and water either inside or under a covered patio.

Polyester – Waterproof

Ideal for protecting your patio furniture that is on a covered patio.

Ripstop & Tarpaulin – Waterproof & UV Stabalized

 Ideal for protecting all items that are fully exposed to the elements.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote. If you are not sure of the dimensions of your items we will gladly come out and measure up to quote you.